RefWorks Training: In-class Exercise

II. Using RefGrab-It

RefGrab-It is a tool that works with your browser to capture citation information from web pages. You can then view and import that data into your RefWorks account.

  1. When you are on a web page you want to grab information from, just click on the RefGrab-It link in your toolbar or bookmark list.
  2. You will be brought to the RefWorks temporary results page where the data will be displayed. This page shows you:
    • A link back to the web page where the information came from
    • basic information gathered from that web page
    • supplemental information that RefGrab-it has found related to the data you are capturing
  3. If you want to add the web page information RefGrab-It has found to your RefWorks account, click on the Import button.

You may see a link that says "A more complete version of this reference may be available. Show me this reference". Click on the link to view the information. Click the Import button if you want this information added to your RefWorks account.

RefGrab-It Other Info

You may also have a Other Info tab on your temporary results page. This tab display links to additional information that may include:

  • Books (ISBNs included on the web page you selected)
  • Articles (Additional information found from PubMed PMIDs on the web page)
  • Digital Objects (Includes information found based upon DOI (Digital Object Identifiers) on the web page)
  • RSS Feeds (Lists all feeds on this page (some of which may not relate to the information you are viewing)).

To use Other Info

  1. Select any of the additional information you wish to view by clicking on the appropriate link. You will have the option to import any of the other information RefGrab-It locates. RSS Feeds you wish to keep will need to be copied and added from within your RefWorks account.
  2. If you are not logged in to your account, you will be prompted to log-in. Otherwise, your records will appear in the Last Imported folder.

Note: You may need to temporarily disable any pop-up blockers while accessing the RefGrab-It results.

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