RefWorks Training: In-class Exercise

I. Adding References to RefWorks folders

Three methods:

  1. Export from a database
  2. Individual keyed-in entry
  3. Importing from a text file

1) Exporting from a database

We suggest trying a CSA database for this exercise: ERIC, Linguistics and Language Behavior, LISA, PAIS, etc.

1. Open a second browser window, if one is not already open

2. Go to the Find Article menu and select one of the CSA databases: ERIC, Linguistics and Language Behavior, LISA, PAIS, etc. Please note: you may export from non-CSA databases as well, but the methods will vary.

3. Search for a topic of your search in whatever database you selected

4. Mark three or more citations of interest (for the purposes of this exercise, the subject matter or relevance does not matter)

5. Click on the RefWorks icon (next to Save, Print, Email)

6. On the Export to Refworks screen, make sure you are exporting the records you want (the ones you marked, or the whole set, if you prefer)

7. Click on Export to RefWorks

8. You should be led back to Refworks (if not, you may have to look for it in a new window and/or log in)

9. Click on View Last Imported Folder

10. Move the references to a different folder:

  • Select the references you want to save
  • Click: Put in Folder (selecting appropriate folder)

2) Individual keying-in entry of references

1. Click on References tab

2. Select Add new reference

3. Using the pull down menus, select:

  • Output citation style
  • Folder
  • Reference type (journal, book, etc.)

4. Add citation information in indicated fields

3) Importing from a text file (for example: SUMMIT)

Part A: Search and save results

1. Open a second browser window, if one is not already open

2. Select Find Books, and do a search

3. Select three or four results by clicking in the box near each citation

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and choose Full Record as the download format

5. Click: Format for Print/Save

6. Save the file, giving it a name you can remember (for this exercise, feel free to save to the desktop).

Part B: Import to RefWorks

1. Select References

2. Select Import

3. Select Import Filter / Data Source (Syracuse University Library)

4. Select Database (SUMMIT Catalog (Endeavor))

5. Specify folder, if desired

6. Click on Browse, next to the Import Data from the following text file window

7. Browse to the desktop or other file location for your saved file, and click on the file name

8. You should be returned to the RefWorks import window. Scroll down and click: Import

9. Review and save references to a folder, as you have with previous imports.

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